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Bunch of UAV::Pilot Updates on CPAN


**UAV::Pilot::Video::Ffmpeg v0.2, UAV::Pilot, UAV::Pilot::WumpusRover v0.2, and UAV::Pilot::WumpusRover::Server v0.2**

These modules just got some Yak Shaving done. Fixed up their CHANGELOG, spammed license headers on everything, and added a test for POD errors.

**UAV::Pilot v0.10**

Fixed a regression bug (and added a test case) of FileDump taking a filehandle.

UAV::Pilot::Command will now call `uav_module_quit()` on the implementation libraries for cleanup purposes.

Same Yak Shaving as above.

**UAV::Pilot::ARDrone v0.2**

Added `bin/` for processing the video data. This can either be over STDIN, or in a raw filehandle. This is implemented in a way that should work for both Unixy operating systems and Windows.

Added `UAV::Pilot::ARDrone::Video::Stream` and `UAV::Pilot::ARDrone::Video::Fileno` to support the above.

In the `uav` shell for ARDrone, there is a parameter you can pass to `start_video`. Calling it without a parameter has the video stream handled in an external process with the `fileno()` method, which keeps the stream latency down. Calling it with `1` will instead use a pipe, which has a small but often noticeable lag in the video output. Calling with `2` will use the old fashioned way, which does not open an external process. Using an external process tends to take advantage of multicore CPUs better.

Nav data now correctly parses roll/pitch/yaw. The SDL output was updated to accommodate the corrected values.

Same Yak Shaving as above.