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YAPC::NA 2014


The UAV::Pilot talk went well. It's all up on YouTube already[1].

Hotel wifi is predictably shitty. Half the bandwidth is being used to stream everything to YouTube, and the rest of us are stuck with the leftovers. Hotels just don't have networking staff who know what they're doing on site.

I also helped out Steven Lembark with his "Getting Testy with Perl[2]" talk. We spent the evening before hacking up a test script for the AR.Drone to integrate with his talk. Having a UAV takeoff and flip around sure is more interesting than your usual "check that the row went in the database" demo test.

One thing I found while working on that is that UAV::Pilot has a terrible interface for simple scripting. The 'uav' shell is fine for typing stuff out yourself, and the object interface is fine for big complicated things, but there's a space in between that isn't being served.

At the Hardware Hackathon, Robert Blackwell brought an iRobot Create. I quickly hacked together a UAV::Pilot interface for it[3] using Robotics::IRobot[4].

Lastly, some maniac did this: