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By Timm Murray

New static blog


After dabbling with Gemini, I don’t think I’ll bother anymore. You can ultimately accomplish its goals with plain HTTP if you avoid cookies or pixel trackers or JavaScript. Which this blog now does.

It also forced links to the end of the document and other formatting conventions.

I took the export of the old WordPress blog and parsed it into Markdown, and used that as the basis for statically generating everything. A bunch of embedded YouTube iframes were converted to links. Those were the only source of JavaScript or cookies left on the site, and they’re all gone now. Could do something fancy later like taking the thumbnails, but this is fine for now.

I’m interested in how far static site generators could go. When we have servers with a terrabyte of RAM and flash storage in tens or even hundreds of terrabytes, why not use that space to dramatically speed up response time to the client? Can you have a static site CMS that’s on par with WordPress?

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